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a mobile village shop
for the Jurassic Coast
local food

real food shop


& FRIDAY stops
have been suspended
while we turn our focus
to the potential benefits for all
of going online.

We are grateful
to our loyal weekday friends
who joined us in those car parks
three years of West Country
weather, and we look forward
to future food opportunities
for us all.

To help us establish
a collection point in your area
for our new online shop,
get in touch by email.

And feel free to contact us
about special delivery options.



8:30 - 2:30
West Street, Bridport


See our calendar for updates and special events.
Subject to cancellation in extraordinary cases
(and the first week of January)

Email us or text 07460 972683 for confirmation or weekly reminders!

real food shop

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real food shop

Our Shop

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For us, real food has a real story behind it.
It's all about where it comes from, who makes it, what inspires them.

We stock our shop's shelves from our favourite local producers to bring food to you while the stories are still fresh, with a growing route of weekly shop stops in peaceful villages and bustling towns near Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

With our efforts to revitalise the local food community in our area, we hope to provide examples of what to do (and some of what not to do!) in setting up similar projects in other areas of the country. The essays included here will focus on the development of the project, to share our experience and to pass on what we've learned.












charmouth dragon

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